As one of the top marketplaces for pipes and bongs online and across Southern California, Honey Bongs wants to get the word out about our ever-expanding collection. Our goal is to provide our amazing customers the best hand-blown glass and pipes all at an affordable price. Our affiliate marketing structure is an amazing way to promote your favorite pipes and bongs, all while getting paid for it!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make passive income simply by spreading the word about your favorite products. Affiliate marketing works by spreading the responsibilities of marketing and product creation across multiple parties. The seller hosting the product takes most of the commission for the sale, but when the product was purchased using a unique link, that affiliate that shared the unique link receives a portion of the revenue made. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make extra money all in the comfort of your home while supporting your favorite brands.

How Affiliate Marketing Works with Honey Bong

  1. You place your affiliate link on your website or SNS
  2. Customer clicks your unique link
  3. Honey Bong takes payment and dispatches goods
  4. Honey Bong pays a commission into your bank
  5. Repeat over and over


If you are interested in earning passive income while working from your home, contact us to get started. The setup is easy and allows you to get started making passive income quickly without much hassle at all. We give you a unique product link to share to your personal blog, website, social media page, and more, after that you get to watch the money start flowing in.   There are no expectations with our program making it convenient and flexible for you, and the best part is you can start and stop whenever you want. We know your friends and followers want to get the best bongs and pipes on the market, and now you can help them access the best through Honey Bong, all while earning a profit.

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