How to Clean a Grinder Step-by-Step

How to Clean a Grinder Step-by-Step

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How to Clean a Grinder

In order to have your cannabis accessories last longer, they should be cleaned time by time. A grinder is an important tool for marijuana smokers that comes in different sizes and materials. No matter what material your grinder is made of, it needs maintenance.


Grinders come in handy for heavy cannabis smokers who smoke regularly. When used daily, the sticky part of marijuana, like trichomes, sticks to the grinder walls and screen. Over time the accumulation of trichomes and resin clogs the grinder. But how do I know my grinder needs cleaning? The answer is every month. If you use your grinder frequently, you should clean it every 30 days. But if you smoke marijuana once or twice a month, you can wash it every 60 days.


Grinder helps chop the cannabis into smaller pieces, which burns better and gives a better smoke. The smoke of the whole bud burning properly makes it less harsh. This way, you will have a smooth smoking experience with much less coughing.


Why is Grinder a must-have accessory?   


Saves Time

The grinder is made to help you have a good smoking experience. If you spend half of your time using your energy in its grinding, you won't be able to enjoy smoking later on. Grinder saves your time and energy and saves you from the mess of sticky trichomes.


Saves Money

Keeping the money spent on grinder kept aside, you can save a lot more bucks by grinding the bud. Small finely ground bud is more potent than the whole plant. If you ground the bud, you will use less of the product and ultimately save your money.


You can collect Kief

The only thing that makes our smoking experience great is having more terpenes and cannabinoids as they are majorly responsible for giving the taste and causing the high. These compounds called kief can be separated well from trichomes with the help of a grinder. This powdered substance makes the smoke more potent and, in turn, makes your smoking experience pleasant.

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Why Should I Clean My Grinder?


Keeps You Healthy

When the plant residues stay in the grinder for too long, it becomes a breeding point for most bacteria. Mold may grow in it that can have a really toxic effect on your health. Just like any other vegetable, cannabis can go bad due to the growth of microbes, which can deteriorate your health on consumption.


Grinder Runs Smoothly

The grinder will not work efficiently if it already contains chunks of plants stuck in it. For smooth running, it must be free of those residues. You have to apply more force than normal while using such a grinder.


Have Your Grinder Last Longer

A clean grinder works efficiently and lasts longer. If you continue to use a dirty grinder over the months, it will become stiff and nonfunctional very soon. To have any product last longer, it should be well maintained and kept clean. The same rule applies to the grinder you use for grinding cannabis.                  


Step By Step Guide to Cleaning Grinder

You can clean your grinder in two ways. There is a quick cleaning method then a deep cleaning process. The quick cleaning method doesn't save the potent plant residues stuck in your grinder. While the deep cleaning gives better cleaning results and at the same time saves the plant residues, which provides you with the most pleasant smoking experience as it is very potent.


Quick Cleaning

Quick grinder cleaning involves a thorough cleaning, but you won't be able to get maximum plant residue out of it. The plant residue accumulated in the grinder is rich in cannabinoids. When used, it creates an intense euphoric effect that actually makes you enjoy smoking marijuana. To obtain the maximum residues, it is better to deep clean the grinder. Let us see both the cleaning methods one by one.


Things You Need:

       Isopropyl alcohol

       Ziploc bag

       Toothbrush and toothpicks

Step 1 – Separate all the Grinder Components

Start by separating the different components of the grinder. This step is the most crucial as you can save most of the leftover cannabis plant components at this point. Once you have disassembled and harvested the residues, you are ready to clean them.


Step 2 – Take a Ziploc Bag

A Ziploc bag does wonders and actually helps in cleaning. Nevertheless, you can also use a deep bowl as the purpose is to soak the grinder. Also, make sure the Ziploc bag is big enough to hold the grinder but should still have space for the grinder to float when you shake it.


Step 3 – Add Alcohol to the Ziploc Bag

Add about two cups of isopropyl alcohol to the Ziploc bag and soak the grinder. Leave it for an hour and give it a shake every once in a while. This will remove any dirt or grime that is stuck to the grinder.


Step 4 – Pour Out the Alcohol and Rub the Grinder with Brush

After an hour, pour out the alcohol and separate the grinder. At this point, you need to rub every part of the alcohol with the help of a toothbrush. A brush with stiff bristles will do better scrubbing.


Step 5 – Rinse with Hot Water

At last, rinse the grinder with hot water. Hot water helps in removing sticky residues efficiently. Make sure you remove everything left on the grinder at this point, as it is the last cleaning stage.


Step 6 – Dry the Grinder

You can let the grinder dry in the air if you have time. But if you want to use it right away, you can dry the grinder by using a towel. While using, ensure there is no moisture left.

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Deep Cleaning

Your grinder needs deep cleaning when you have to apply all your force to grind the cannabis. When the grinding doesn't feel smooth, you have to dedicate a part of your day cleaning it. Let us see how.


Step 1 – Separate all the Grinder Components

The best way to disassemble grinder components is by keeping a bowl under them. This way, when you separate the different parts of the grinder, you will not lose plant residues. Carefully separate the grinder components without spilling leftover plants on the floor.


Step 2 – Remove the Leftover Plant

Try to take out as much of the material from the grinder as you can. Even if you use all your effort, you will still be left with a lot of material stuck inside that cannot be taken out. We do have a solution for this – freezing.


Step 3 – Keep the Grinder in a Freezer

Once you are done harvesting, take all the parts of the grinder and keep them in a freezer. The idea here is to make the leftover bud stiffer. The stiffer bud is easier to remove as they form clumps. Keep it in the freezer for two to three hours. Keeping it overnight will be best.


Step 4 – Take out Plant Residue

Take out the grinder from the freezer and start harvesting the remaining residues. You have to reach all the critical corners of the grinder to get every stuck piece out. Since the leftover residues are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, you will enjoy smoking them in the future. Again use a toothbrush to remove the chunks. You can use a toothpick to get the most out of it for small corners. Make sure you are collecting the residue in a bowl.


Step 5 – Add in a Ziploc Bag

The rest of the steps are pretty similar to what we did in quick cleaning. The hard part is over. By that time, we had taken out 90% of the residue. However, the residue collected after adding alcohol should not be used.


Here you will need a Ziploc bag in which you can add about two cups of alcohol. Isopropyl works the best for cleaning. 70% isopropyl will give lighter cleaning results. However, you can achieve outstanding results by using 91% isopropyl.


Once you add the alcohol, it's time to place all the grinder components in the Ziploc bag. Leave the grinder in alcohol for a few hours. Don't forget to shake it after every 30 minutes.


Step 6 – Rinse off the Grinders

Once you see the alcohol absorbing dirt, it's time to take the grinder out of the Ziploc bag. Then rinse it with hot water while you keep scrubbing it with a brush.


Step 7 – Dry

Let the grinder dry in the air or use a towel to get away with moisture. The grinder is ready to use while you are left with lots of potent cannabis to smoke.


In Conclusion on How to Clean a Grinder

A highly clogged grinder makes it difficult to grind. Accumulation of plant residue over time can damage the grinder as well. It is a smart approach to maintain your grinder, especially if you use it frequently. Deep clean it every month to grind the cannabis smoothly without much effort. A clean grinder produces a kief that gives the best smoking experience.




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