7 Best Devices to Smoke Weed While Traveling

7 Best Devices to Smoke Weed While Traveling

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Any journey, whether for work or pleasure, requires proper planning. You’ve prepped the documents and hygiene essentials, but do you have the perfect type of smoking device for traveling?


Cannabis paraphernalia for travelers is portable, neat, and discreet. Whether relaxing with weed from indica seeds or smoking sativa for energy, it lets you get high whenever and wherever.


Keep reading to learn about the top tools for traveling tokers. After discussing gadgets, we share DIY alternatives and safe smoking tips for your trip.


7 Smoking Devices for Travelers

The 420 industry is thriving, and the best smoking tools come in all shapes and sizes. No need to get overwhelmed by the options, though! Here’s an overview of the seven devices suitable for folks on the road.


#1: Bubblers

Bubblers are the ideal solution for bong users on the go. Although not the most inconspicuous, they’re small enough to hold in your hand and light enough for a carry-on bag.


These innovative devices stand between a pipe and a bong. They’re handheld and around six inches in size, much like the former. At the same time, they replicate the water filtration system of the latter to produce smooth smoke.


A bubbler consists of a bowl, mouthpiece, and a carb for releasing the smoke. It requires small amounts of marijuana and water and offers equal ease of usage as a bong.


These devices vary in shape, style, and features. For example, a ‘hammer’ device offers extra durability, while a sidecar model provides superior cooling. The material is often glass, but you can also get acrylic and silicone pieces.


#2: Hand Pipes


Hand pipes are handheld, straightforward, and easily the best type of smoking device for traveling tokers. They’re also the closest alternative to joints.


Usually around five inches in length, these tools come in countless shapes and designs. Most people use glass pipes to eliminate competing flavors altering the cannabis bouquet. Active tokers also love the sleek durability of silicone pipes.


This device is easy to use. You pack ground weed into the bowl and cover the carb, inhaling on the other end. Then empty the pipe, put it back into your pocket, and resume your adventure.


Hand pipes are low-profile and hassle-free. They require minimal preparation, making them perfect for old-schoolers wanting extra convenience.


#3: Keychain Pipes

What if you wanted to go even tinier than a standard handheld pipe? You’ll love keychain pipes. Under four inches in size and attachable to your keys, these devices are low-key and impossible to lose. They suit tokers who spend the whole day outside and find discretion paramount.


The keychain pipe has a silicone cover for durability, staying safe in your pocket or backpack. The material makes it light, flexible, and versatile in design.


These pipes operate like their regular alternative but on a smaller scale. You fit a small amount of ground bud in the bowl and take several little hits between daily activities.


Keychain devices don’t produce enough smoke for an intense session, but they’re perfect for microdosing. They also suit low-tolerance tokers and medical marijuana users.


#4: Hammer Pipes

Hammer pipes are another new weed-smoking device that improves the traditional model. Instead of reducing the size, this redesign makes it easier to light up and discard the ash. The shape also lets the tool sit flat, reducing the risk of tipping over when you put it down.


The innovation lies in the large, can-like chamber to make the piece more ergonomic. The bowl is usually round, letting the flame reach the last little flower bits.


Around eight inches in size, these pipes don’t bulk up your suitcase. They consist of glass to keep the ganja taste pure and add convenience to your old-school smoking session.


#5: Chillums


A chillum is a pipe type that puts simplicity first. Lending itself to minimalists and tokers on a budget, it’s cheaper and more straightforward than its feature-rich competitors. Despite the plain appearance, this option is reliable and highly effective.


These devices come in a rounded cone shape. You pack the cannabis on one end and inhale the smoke through the other. Since they don’t contain a carb, smoke arrives in tiny hits to suit constrained on-the-road consumption.


Chillums usually consist of glass and silicone. In either case, they’re light and tiny, rarely surpassing four inches in length. Designs vary only in aesthetics.


This option is perfect for low-tolerance tokers, microdosers, and those who prefer to extend their smoking session. The non-traditional shape also earns it discretion points.


#6: Vape Pens

Not everybody enjoys smoking weed from buds. Vape pens are the ideal medical marijuana smoking devices, inducing relief without producing smoke. Recreational tokers often choose them for their tidy and low-odor properties.


Vape pens are electronic devices that heat oils containing cannabinoids and flavors. The vapor is even smoother than what you get from a bong. The effects vary based on potency, but they’re near-instantaneous.


These arrive in various shapes and sizes. Most modern models are broadly compatible and easy to refill in a local smoke shop. Don’t forget to carry a portable charger if planning to be outdoors for longer, though.


Vapes are the go-to choice of modern tokers and those who don’t particularly appreciate ganja flavors. They are sleek and highly effective, getting you high without making you feel like you’re smoking weed.


#7: Dab Pens


What if you don’t enjoy either oils or buds? Dab pens might be your jam. These devices heat extracts and cannabis vax to the point of vaporization. The principle is similar to the vape pen, but this option offers more precise controls for potency, smoothness, and flavor.


You typically load the refillable chamber one hit at a time. Add a grain of concentrate, press a button, and inhale through the mouthpiece.


Dab pens are tiny. They’re electronic like vapes, requiring regular charging. Not every shop stocks weed vax, though, so check local dispensary websites before departing.


This option is perfect for people who want to get high fast. You’re in and out in minutes, and the effects are fast-acting and long-lasting.


Bonus Round: Emergency Solutions

What if you forgot, lost, or broke your paraphernalia? You could cut out weed until you return home or spend a fortune in a foreign dispensary. Alternatively, apply your DIY skills and keep lighting up.


Here’s how to make a smoking device quickly and easily. These two solutions aren’t as smooth or neat as the tools above, but they do wonders in a pinch.


DIY Pipes

Modern toking devices appear high-tech but operate on straightforward principles. You can replicate their internal processes using many everyday household objects, like:


  • Fruits and vegetables, especially apples, pears, and bell peppers

  • Metal pens

  • Kitchen towel rolls

  • Soda cans

  • Metal pipes


The options are endless, and the internet is teeming with tutorials by ingenious tokers. As a rule, avoid plastic bowls and overripe food items. Also, screen your mouthpiece with a tinfoil cover to avoid inhaling ash or gunk.


Rolled Joints

The other option is even more straightforward. If you have the means to leave the house and reach the nearest smoke shop, get rolling papers and grind your bud. Then, make a joint and smoke your weed the old-school style. Get rid of the butts if keeping things under wraps.


Here’s the easiest way to roll up:


  • Create the filter by folding a piece of cardboard into a tight roll.

  • Place the filter on one end and fill the paper with ground cannabis. Half a gram to a whole gram is enough.

  • Hold the paper between your thumb and forefinger and roll it back and forth to distribute the weed.

  • Tuck the unglued side into the roll and tighten it. Then lick the glued side and fold.

  • Finish with a firm poke and twist to prevent cannabis from spilling.


Quick Tips for Toker Globetrotters

You have your perfect device for smoking, and you’re all set for a comfortable and fun trip. Let’s end with several quick tips for safe and tidy smoking sessions during traveling.


Know the Law

If you live in California, you can legally possess weed. The law even lets you take advantage of the best seed banks in the United States and grow cannabis crops. Much of the country isn’t as lenient, though.


Roads and airports count as federal land. As a result, transporting marijuana from one legal state to another can still land you in trouble.


Instead of taking a stash from home, budget for a cannabis purchase at your destination. Paraphernalia is technically illegal when it’s explicitly for drugs, but there’s a loophole. People can also use vapes and pipes for tobacco, and you don’t have to disclose their purpose to an authority. So, feel free to pack your tool, but thoroughly clean it beforehand.


Prevent the Smell

Weed has an unmistakable aroma, and most travelers don’t have the luxury of washing their clothes daily. Why struggle with smoke-smelling shirts for a week when several simple steps can prevent the scent?


Once you buy buds, keep them in a smell-proof container. Employ a sploof to capture the smoke while consuming marijuana. Also, light up outdoors in a breezy spot whenever possible.


Use mints and wipe your hands with sanitizer when you finish toking. Dry shampoo and cologne will neutralize any lingering odors.


Acquire Accessories

The top pot smoking devices make it easy to smoke weed while on a journey. Why not take the ease and convenience even further with accessories?


Here are the three must-haves for a travel toking kit:


  • A grinder for processing the buds without getting your hands sticky.

  • A portable pocket ashtray for disposing of ash.

  • Resin wipes for cleaning your device between sessions.


Stay Safe

Smoking sessions while traveling should be legal, safe, and never out of control.


Looking at the legality, always check where you can smoke and how much weed you can possess. After all, breaking the law abroad is guaranteed to ruin your trip.


Safe toking practices include the source, dose, and location. Never get weed from a random stranger and purchase lower-potency buds than you usually consume. Avoid visiting new areas while high.


Finally, always test your chosen device at home to gauge your reaction. A dab pen can pack quite a punch if you’re used to a bong.


Have a Good Trip!

These weed-smoking devices accommodate all toker needs, whether you enjoy concentrates, oils, or fresh flowers. As a bonus, each comes in various color schemes and materials to meet your aesthetic preferences.


Pick a device from our shop and never again abandon marijuana while away from home. Then buy seeds to grow weed and pair our quality paraphernalia with top-tier buds.


George Torch

George Torch is an experienced cannabis grower who has been working with Seed Supreme Seed Bank for about 7 years. George has been growing cannabis since he was 22 years old and knows the industry inside out. He has a detailed understanding of all aspects of marijuana, from its cultivation and species to the nuances of cannabis-related legislation. George has an endless desire to explore marijuana farming, which keeps him on top of current trends.

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